Does a wine cellar in the basement need insulation in the floor?


I am building a new house with a wine cellar in the basement. the walls will have above R 25 and the ceiling above R30 insulation with a cooling system. Is insulation the floor a positive to keep a cool constant or will it hinder warm air to find a way to escape the room???

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The ground beneath your floor will insulate that cool space better than anything you could add.

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Since you are installing a cooling system, it suggests that the temperature without the cooling system is warmer than desired. If this is correct, then the best thing you can do is insulate all the surfaces with the highest R-Value insulation that you can afford. The good news is that the floor will have the coolest temperatures of the six surfaces in your cellar, so if you don't insulate the floor, it will have the least thermal impact on your cellar.

By way of example, I used our thermal load worksheet to calculate the thermal load of a 10x10x10 cellar assuming R25 in the walls, R30 in the ceiling. 85F peak temp outside the cellar. and 55F desired temp inside the cellar. If I assume uninsulated concrete in the floor, the thermal load of the cellar is 3005 BTUH. If I assume R25 in the floor, the thermal load declines to 2765 BTUH.

If you'd like me to plug in your actual cellar dimensions and/or want to add additional factors (eg ducting, heat source inside the cellar, altitude), let me know and I'll be glad to redo the calculation.

I hope this helps!

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