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What to do with Bulldog

7 years ago

Hello!! I could really use some unbiased advice about our dog. My fiancé bought him as a puppy 3 years before we met. When he was 2 years old he was hit by a car and his back legs were paralyzed for 6 months. My fiancé spent close to $20,000 in surgeries and daily physical therapy and with only a 30% chance to walk again he got him back up on his feet! His back legs are still not 100% and they go out every now and then but they are close to fully functional. When him and I met and moved in together I was ok with the dog. I'm not a huge dog lover but I accepted the dog until I started to notice that he frequently peed in the house. Not just every now and then but probably once a week. Iv come to realize that Bulldogs are very stubborn by nature, hard to train, very dirty (slobber everywhere, very bad shedding, gass and burping). This is not my ideal breed of animal and I have tried really hard to accept him because I love my fiancé very much and he has a very close bond with the dog but after a year living together he has destroyed a very large part of our home. Iv had to throw away 3 very large expensive area rugs bc he has peed, pooped, thrown up all over them. The house constantly stinks and is covered in hair no matter how much I clean. We take him out constantly but he still goes potty in the house. We let him out to go and he will come right back in and pee in the house. We recently had a baby together and he has had to be confined to our attached sunroom that has brick floors. I cannot allow him in the house along with our child who is learning to crawl on the floor. My husband has been promoted at work and is gone sometimes 10-12 hours a day. He's not able to give him the attention that he needs anymore. I have had several knee surgeries and it is very difficult for me to walk him anymore. He is not getting the attention he needs and is peeing and pooping in our sunroom almost daily. I don't know if it's anxiety or he's loosing control of his bowels since he was previously paralyzed but the situation is just not working anymore. I feel like we need to find him a home that can offer him more. If I contact a rescue group do I tell them about his behavioral issues, massive shedding and drool, and his pooping and peeing issues. I can't imagine a family that would want to adopt a dog with all these problems. What should I do???

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