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Perforated vs. Solid PVC in landscape drains: when and where?

8 years ago

I'm trying to formulate a plan for dealing with excess water in two spots in my home. Both at the base of downspouts and both which tend to collect and pool based on the slope and the downspout itself. The grade SHOULD be easy to handle with some good fill dirt and patience.
I want to either tie the drain line directly into or put a catch basin at the bottom of the downspouts. I'm leaning towards catch basins with silt socks for "clean-out" ability. Thoughts?. I'd also like to be able to deal with any remaining surface pooling, but I may be over-thinking that if the gutter and grading remove most of it.
Can I use a combination of solid and perforated 4" PVC to accomplish both? Would I connect the solid core nearest the structure and then only pass through the perforated (with sock and gravel) a little farther out? I know the perforations work both ways, so avoiding reintroducing excess water near the basement is important. The overall run is about 25-30' and will empty into a larger established drain system. The path is slightly downhill and mostly parallel with and roughly 8-10' out from foundation. Any thoughts and general guidance here?

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