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Plant mandarin trees and Meyer lemon close to fence?

8 years ago

Could anyone please help me decide on the tree location?

I would like to plant gold nugget and kishu mandarin. My side yard goes east west, pretty long, south is my house, north is my fence to the neighbors yard. My side yard is about 7' wide, but only 2' wide is dirt, close to the fence, the middle is a pebble/small stone pathway (size stone is smaller than a clove of garlic). The trees will be a little less than 1' away from the fence and 7' from my house. Will the trees damage my house and fence? Will the trees be happy there even though they will get about 8 hours sun? Will the trunk grow very thick even if I prune the trees very small.

I also have another spot in our backyard: 3' wide in between the fence and grass in the corner, if I plant a mandarin tree(gold nugget or kishu), will the tree be happy being so close to the grass?

The 3rd spot is other side yard with 3' wide dirt from the fence to the paver path. Could citrus tree damage my paver and crowd my pathway?

How close can the two mandarin trees be? How about Meyer lemon?

I bought a few fruit tree: bare root. I need to decide on the citrus trees first, then decide on where to put my stone fruit trees and my fig tree.

Thank you!

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