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Is this an acceptable granite installation?

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

I am looking for advice regarding the granite installation pictured below. Is this acceptable work?

The piece of granite originally planned for the sink section (left side of the seam) broke when the sink cut-out was being made onsite. The piece to the right was already installed. I insisted on an unbroken piece at the sink, so the installers returned the next day with another piece from the same slab. They installed it but left without allowing me, their key contact, to inspect the job, despite the fact that I was in the home and available. After they left, we discovered a break near the corner of the sink (photo below). This was not a crack, but a full break that would move if lightly pressed.

As I was researching what to do, I became concerned about other parts of the job, including the seam over the dishwasher that is unsupported except for one board along the wall. That's 19" of unsupported granite to the right of the seam. I also discovered that the Sienna Cream granite, a softer stone as acknowledged by the fabricator, should likely have been reinforced at the sinks (2) and cooktop with stainless steel or fiberglass rods, and this was not done.

I decided to let the fabricator repair the break and here's what it looks like now:

While they were onsite for the repair, we asked about improving the roughness of the seams. They rubbed them with a towel and some solution but said they thought it looked fine ("I'd have it in my house."). I couldn't tell that they had made any difference. A close up of one of the problem spots is below (not sure if that's a scratch or a crack that they have filled).

The fabricator has offered a written warranty for the lifetime of the countertops to cover the repair at the sink and for any problems that may arise with the unsupported section over the dishwasher.

I would greatly appreciate your guidance on three questions:

1. Is the match of the granite in the first picture acceptable?

2. Is the repaired break at the sink acceptable and durable?

3. We have paid them 50% down on a joint countertop and flooring job. Countertops went in first, and we put a hold on the floor when we ran into these problems. If this isn't acceptable work, what would you do?

Thank you for taking the time to reply, and if you happen to be a professional in this industry, would you please indicate that as well?

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