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How do you choose your island size? And prep sink location?

8 years ago

We're still finalizing a layout, and have one designer that came up with ~110 foot long island, and another with ~120 foot long island. How do you decide how long to make it?

We plan to have an ~18 inch prep sink, no seating. I think the prep sink should be a bit diagonal from the range, but not sure if it would go between the end of island and the range, or between the cleanup sink and the range. It will be used almost daily while doing laundry, so I'm leaning towards closer to the end of the island. Also the pantry wall area will be coffee/tea area.

This is a rough idea of the layout. I couldn't get the dimensions to play nice in the snapshot, but those are the aisle dimensions, counter to counter. Still mulling over those, though. (Pantry wall cabs -- currently thinking about tall 13" deep flanking 15" deep countertop area in the center. Pantry cabs will be 30" wide, center area 48" wide.)

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