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Phalaenopsis root color


I am new to orchids, and I was gifted with a blooming Phalaenopsis a month ago. In that time, the plant has continued to bloom, and appears to be doing well. However, I am concerned about the color one or two of the roots are turning. In particular, they appear to be turning a brownish color. I've felt the roots that are doing this, and they are still firm. The plant grows in a pot that does not appear to have a drainage hole, but there appears to be an additional plastic insert in the pot, and that probably has drainage holes. The plant is placed near a west-facing window, and gets a good amount of indirect light throughout the day, with the most intense being for a few minutes at the very end of the day. I water the orchid when I notice the roots turning silver (every 5-7 days). Is there anything more I should be doing for my orchid?

Below are a few pictures of the orchid (I am aware of the withered root in the background of the second picture, the plant came with the root like that).

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