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Should I fire our house painters? Pics included...

8 years ago

I have a few questions-should paint be running in rivulets down the siding the day after painting, leaving long drip marks and uneven color? Is that normal (it seems to be due to condensation from the roof falling on wet paint...) It is only happening in 1 area and on the gutters. Is that just part of this process or is the company doing a bad job?

Also, should there be spots of the old paint where the ladders were leaned against the wall? Does that get covered as touch ups later? Should there be over spray on the trim which was not supposed to be painted? nail holes and original paint showing through on a part of the house they say is finished? Paint drips in the gutter divets?

We chose semigloss with their help. It turns out to be a 'glaring' mistake. Will the shine fade over time and how long will that take?

Thank you for your help.

Here are some photos of the areas I am concerned about. Is this normal? Do they fix these things on the last day?

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