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I live on Reese's Cups & Espresso...

Ok, and maybe a glass of wine in the evenings with another package of Peanut Butter Lover's Reese's Cups. You know, the big fat kind? Oh, and a steak maybe once or twice a week. Really, that's the extent of my dietary staples. And unsweetened iced tea, too.

So I realize it's not terribly active around here anymore, but I thought I'd give this forum a shot. :)
I have decided that 800 calories of Reese's cups a day isn't going to keep this passable, 57 year old body in any kind of shape.
In my life I've probably lost over a million pounds. I'd like to stop doing that.

I've returned and think I've committed to a combination of diets or dietary plans I really, actually enjoy. Don't choke or spit your coffee when I say this:
The Cabbage Soup Diet, (love the veggies) and
The Rice Diet Solution (balanced structure without salt).
Yeah, elements of both. I've always, absolutely love the cabbage soup. I love and can easily live on different grains. It's the cooking part I have trouble with. Gotta make myself do it.

That said, for the first time in about 3 years I actually went to the grocery store and shopped. $150 later, I have veggies coming out my ears. Kamut, Quinoa, Brown rice, Millet, Amaranth, Barley, Wheatberries. Fruit. Apples and pineapple. Whole grain pastas. Soy milk for my espresso. Now just to cook them, rather than having them rot in my fridge.

I'm into my 4th day of no Reese's cups. So far, no sugar withdrawl, believe it or not. I am absolutely recognizing the moments of habit when I'd head for the fridge and get my morning/evening Reese's cups.

I've cooked some grain combinations I love, but without the salt (Rice diet) they're pretty bland. I'm going to cook some dishes and freeze them for default meals. I work in a restaurant, so I've not had to. I'm also entering everything into Mastercook for easier tracking. (Love that program!)

So... anyone out there making any radical dietary changes? Not-so radical? Successful? When you live alone, it's easier to make changes. But encouragement is slim. The cats don't give a darn what I eat as long as they get some. One of mine even eats Kamut.

So, if there are lurkers out there, what are your stories?

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