Which lots would be best?

Lisa G
5 years ago

We are located in Spokane, WA and are getting ready to sign a contract to build a home in an HOA development. We're not sure which lots we like, and our main concerns are making sure we have enough light in the main areas (great room, kitchen) and having a backyard suitable for a vegetable garden but at the same time I'm concerned that the main areas will either be too dark or blazing hot in the summer and no in-between. Not all of the lots are in our budget and my husband's requirement is that we have a crawlspace. Some of the lots already include a crawl (marked 'C' or 'TC') and the ones that are marked as slab lots can be upgraded to a crawl for $3-$4k. If you had to choose your top 4 lots, which would they be (regardless of price)? I'll attach our floorplan as well.

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