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Ideas for attractive, low maintenance yard?

Debbie B.
7 years ago

Hi all! So this 1979 SW 14x56 w/pop out that I just bought sits on a fairly good sized lot in a park. The ownership of the park changed hands just a few months ago and he is clamping down on a couple of things, one being overgrown, weed-filled yards. I think this is a good thing. Unfortunately, my yard is one where there is nothing but huge dried-out weeds.

My goal with the yard: attractive (or at least not ugly), low maintenance (I have arthritis), drought resistant, inexpensive (since it's not my own land). The "end" of my MH faces the street. The true front of the house faces south. I don't have young kids. I do have a dog, and am thinking of a small, enclosed yard for her in the back, which is facing west, I would put a doggie door in the back door.

Any suggestions? Also, what is the best way to get rid of all the weeds first? Thank you!

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