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Pink Promise, Double Delight and Perfume Delight Roses

7 years ago

I planted some Pink Promise, Double Delight and Perfume Delight roses from a nursery about a month and a half ago. They have beautiful blooms that I would like to cut for a party I'm having next weekend. The vase I'd like to use is pretty tall, so I would likely need to cut the stem as far down as possible. My question is will cutting them that much negatively affect their growth this spring? Regardless of whether I cut them for cut flowers or not, my intentions are to prune them to be bushes that are fuller on bottom and less tall. I know they need pruning, but wasn't sure if taking so much off was okay or not. I've googled and read all kinds of information and forums, but thought it best to ask a specific question. Any information and advice is welcome. Thank you in advance!

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