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Help-LED grow lights to support bird of paradise moved inside?

Pam Fisher
8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

Last fall, I bought/potted an amazing white bird of paradise as an "accent" for my dining room. Unfortunately, I failed to think about the fact that the trees outside had no leaves at the time, and that sunlight would be greatly reduced in the spring...

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When the outside trees' leaves came in, I had to move it onto my front step for more light, where it has been very happy. Through the summer, it got early direct sunlight and diffuse sun the rest of the day. It has more than doubled in size.

As nights got down into the 50s, about two weeks ago, I moved it inside, However, my "suniest" window doesn't seem to be sunny enough. As you hopefully can see, the most recent new leaf is looking decidedly pale (center of plant, partly curled).

I'm pretty sure I need to supplemental the light for a while. Until the trees outside shed their leaves, and I can move it to it's "winter" location in the dining room.

I made the mistake of looking on Amazon for "grow lights" and Oh. My. Gosh. The variations available!! LED is what I'd prefer to get, because they don't get as hot. But what wattage? What type? Lots of "hydroponic" grow lights. They're purple? Is that beneficial? Will a "regular" LED light do anything? I've got an adjustable floor lamp I can put the bulb in, to aim it at the plant. Just need to know what is the best bulb to get.


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