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blight-resistant American chestnut

corkball (z9 FL)
8 years ago

I am in Minnesota and looking for blight-resistant chestnuts to plant. Would prefer something that gets big enough to compete in the canopy, so trying to avoid pure chinese. It is also zone 4 here, so a lot of southern stuff won't fly. Wondering if someone has any source recommendations that have been blight tested?

I currently have several Oikos hybrids as well as Badgersett and a few pure chinese chestnuts. I have no blight here, so I don't really have a basis from which to make a comparison, but they all seem reasonably tolerant of the cold. Oikos seems to outperform Badgersett for mortality and growth around here for whatever reason.

Itching to get my grubby paws on ACF/transgenics, but that sounds a few years off, and may still have cold-tolerance issues.

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