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GreenGlue expansion/contraction causing cracks on the walls?

Michael Chen
8 years ago

Hi, I'm using GreenGlue to sound proofing the walls, ceilings and the floors in my NYC apartment. The workers attached the 1/2" sheet rock with green glues to the walls and 3/8" sheet rock with GG to the ceilings about 2 weeks ago. They've since been skim coating and priming the walls and ceiling for the paint job. While doing that, they started to notice last week that the joints between sheet rocks would crack. Two of the cracks, one on the ceiling and the other on the wall, reopened a few days after they patched them. We suspect that the cracks were caused by GreenGlue solidifying and expanding during the process. So we are holding off painting the walls and ceilings until GG settles. How long do I need to wait? Have there been similar issues from other home owners?

I'm also concerned that since I put GG in the subfloors (between two 1/2" plywoods) about a week ago, the new hardwood floors I put in may start to crack as well.

I've just sent my inquires to GreenGlue. Hopefully they'll get back to me and allay my concerns. Are there other people here with similar experiences?


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