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is IR a "must have" in built in grill?

8 years ago

we're building a patio off the back of the house that will include a built in grill. I'm at the verrrryyyy beginning of trying to understand what we should be looking for/wanting in a grill. i do pretty much all of the cooking - inside and out. i am not a very advanced BBQ-r, I use our current grill a lot in the warm weather, but we have a standalone Weber and it seems to be just fine to me. however, going through the time and expense to build in a grill system, we want to make sure we get "the best" we can afford and that we actually need.

so i've been looking through grill options and it seems that "IR" burners are a call-out item, so clearly it's desirable. but why? it truly so needed?

I realize it's likely not feasible to simply beg for help and ask "which grill should I get"...but if anyone wants to offer up a suggestion of the best option for a regular/daily, yet non-professional cook who likes to use my grill spring-fall, but isn't overly savvy with regard to features. as with everything in life, we want "the best" but don't even know what that means.

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