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Limelights in Limbo - DFW Hydrangea Help Please

So after drooling over Limelight Hydrangeas for a couple of years, I finally bit the bullet and purchased the two pictured below last weekend. Last night I placed them (still in their containers) in the beds I hope to plant them in for a test run to see if they can handle the sun there. This time of year that spot on the north side of my house gets full sun until about 11am, shade from 11am-4pm, sun from 4-5pm, dappled sun from 5-6pm. I'm wondering...

1. How long do I need to let them sit in their test spot before seeing burned leaves and other negative effects of too much sunlight in 100+ temps? A couple of days? A week? Curious, because they are kind of shading out my roses currently in those beds and would like to move them back over to my shady summer pot ghetto as soon as I have a good idea if they can handle the sun/heat.

2. Assuming the Limelights pass the above fry test, I plan on transplanting the Belinda's Dream roses out of that bed and the Limelights into the bed in Mid-October. (I'm in Zone 8a, first frost is usually around Thanksgiving) Hydrangea-wise, do you see any problems with this timing?

3. These things are the hugest hydrangeas I've ever seen in 2-gallon pots. Would it be advisable to pot them up to 5-gallon pots, or do you think they will do ok in the 2-gallon pots until October? Any other tips to keep them healthy in this heat until I put them in their forever home will be greatly appreciated.

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