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I need to re grade the backyard.Do I remove the sod or I turn it over?

Ivan Turbinca
8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

Hi guys

There is an epic thread around here with my troubles with a wet wall due to cheap work and bad design for a patio. Long story short: patio was sloped toward the house in one corner AND the soil resulted from the excavation when they installed the patio was spread around the house ruining the grading of the backyard. When you step on the lawn you can actually feel that is uneven and has gaps, ups and downs....

The patio slope is fixed now and I want to fix the grading of the backyard. The sod is poor quality and I would rather remove it and grow a new one by seeding or buying new sod.

Question: is there any problem if I use a rototiller to turn over the existing sod/lawn ?

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