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Repeating white on the exterior to speak to white windows

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

Hi everyone,

I have read in the link below the importance of repeating white somewhere on your house exterior if you have white windows. So far, in my colourful house I have not managed to repeat the white anywhere (except on a birch tree). Tonight, I mocked up some possibilities of where to incorporate white so these added white elements can speak to the white windows.

Here is where we are at in our house construction (the garage railing is Photoshopped in). Over the weekend, via a very helpful thread and kind posters here, I arrived at my first choice in garage door colour. However, the best option seemed to be no white in the garage. Here is the Photoshopped in chosen garage door up close.

My ideas for incorporating some white at this point are the following:

1)White exterior lights

2)White hand railing for stone steps

3)White metal furniture on garage patio

4)White flower pots on either side of garage and some on future paved landing (not shown)

Here are three of these ideas Photoshopped in:

Do any of all of the white add-ons make sense? Do they improve upon the house? Are any of them a mistake? Are there any other ways to add white? If you think of something else, we can mock-up your ideas. As per one idea on my last thread, I tried painting the recessed entry area white (recess part of siding and ceiling of recessed entry) but it did not look pleasing. My front door is a partial wood/partial fiberglass door that through careful staining does look like real wood. I am not wanting to paint over this door or trim.

Here is the article by Maria Killam that talks about the importance of repeating white if you have white windows. She shows a house that has white fascia and white windows. Should I try painting my grey fascia on this house? She has written more on this topic, but her message is the same.

white windows and exterior colours

Thanks for any thoughts on adding white to this home and/or the necessity of adding white.


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