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Crack in granite....can I use super glue?

Lavender Lass
8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

Yes, granite (LOL) I know....I'm not a granite person, but this is nice. And it's a FREE bathroom sink/vanity, with a hairline crack in the granite counter. The vanity is not big (30"?) and the crack is probably about 10". Can I just use some super glue?

I only want to stabilize the granite so it doesn't crack anymore. It's a speckled pattern and I don't think the crack even shows. I just don't want it to break.

What do you think? It's cute (and did I mention FREE?) and I just want a quick, inexpensive fix. I could probably buy a new counter for what it would cost to get someone out here to fix it. Life on the farm! LOL

Thank you.

Oh, and this came with the kitchen cabinets! Thank you SIL and BIL!!!!! Very nice and I'll post pictures later. White cabinets and they're beautiful :)

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