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large slope behind pool in our backyard

8 years ago


We bought our house in Laguna 3 years ago. The slope behind the pool is aprox 3500 sq. ft. We had a landscape architect assist with drawing plans for taking a portion of slope out and installing a large retaining wall. We want to be able to use the slope or as much of it as possible. The estimate for this job was aprox $250,000 so we began looking at other options not knowing if we would be staying at this house longterm. I've been researching slopes like crazy - we finally called a Hydroseed company to come out and spray a non-mow lawn just so it would look nice from out kitchen window. The slope is such an eyesore. We were told by Hydroseed company that it would completely cover the area with lush green grass. We followed exact direction and some areas began to grow - but now it just looks like a mess. Half of slope is dead - half has weeds growing. We need help! With water being such a concern - we want to do something with slope that would be cost effective, look good and potentially give us some way to use slope. We did a massive kitchen / downstairs remodel when we bought house and main window opens up to whole backyard - and it's just so sad to look out over a half dead slope. As a stay at home mommy with 2 littles...I look out that window a 100 times a day and it makes me so sad. I'm hoping that someone has some ideas or thoughts on what we could do. We're doing big projects one at a time...our pool is next on list. We'd love slope to have some clean look. Our front yard has a 'kitchen garden' feel to it...Lavender bushes, creeping rosemary & thyme, white rose bushes and enormous sycamore trees.

These pictures below are from early winter when it's completely bare and early spring when it's green and beautiful....we currently have half dead weeds, dirt and some small areas with green grass. It looks terrible! There are also 2 pictures when the Hydroseed guys came to spray.

Lastly - we have even looked in to synthetic grass which feels so wrong but it would at least give us green instead of dead grass & dirt. Synthetic grass would cost us a pox $40,000 to cover 3500 sq. ft.

We have good sprinkler system that covers whole slope. The area below Eucalyptus trees seems to always die but that seems pretty normal because of the strong oils from leaves.

Open to all ideas...thank you in advance for your help. We've never personally posted in this forum before but have gotten great tips & advice from reading others. I'd even paint the ground green at this point because I'm so tired of looking at weeds & dirt. Thanks again

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