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Sektion question related to pull placement on drawer fronts.

8 years ago

I have IKEA Section base cabinet drawers. I would like to ask if people that installed pulls on the stiles, are you having issues with a prying like action on their drawers as you open them over time. I have yet to mount my pulls. I imagine that the old IKEA line was similar in build between the drawer front and the metal box.

The IKEA drawer fronts are attached differently to the box, compared to the framed cabinets in my kitchen. The pics on IKEA all show the pulls on the Laxerby stiles of the drawer stacks. Putting the pull inside the panel doesn't look strong enough, because the inset panel is not very thick. I don't have pics of my cabinets as I'm away from home for a week.

I worry about the prying action on the metal boxes each time the drawer is open, because of the tension it takes to open the drawers. Maybe it's a non issue. I would be happy with any information.


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