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Second-guessing, talk me off ledge AKA charging station in drawer?

9 years ago
last modified: 9 years ago

Those who have been following my kitchen remodel thread know that our cab maker goofed and made our kitchen hutch out of the wrong wood. They are building a new one but we're taking advantage of this goof by doing a slight tweak of our hutch plan. I thought I had it all figured out over the weekend but now I'm considering all the possibilities and I'm driving myself crazy!

Here's the revised plan:

I increased the height of the upper cab's bottom third from 10" to 12", which allows enough room to add cubbies for bills, etc, above the charging station area. It also is a better split for the upper cab, which initially was set to have 2 adjustable shelves. I thought I had done the math before but I must not have because when I checked it over the weekend, I realized each of the 3 shelf areas would only be about 9 1/2" tall, which isn't really a good height for display purposes.

Stealing 2 inches from that upper cab and going with only 1 adjustable shelf would give me nearly 13" of height for each shelf area, which is a good scale.

Plus, having 12" interior height for the open spaces on each side of the doored cab will allow me to use that space for cookbooks, if I wish to move them from the island display area to the hutch.

I contemplated opening shelving for the upper section, ala this hutch (this served as inspiration for our hutch):

Traditional Kitchen · More Info

I don't plan to add upright dividers. We had that and it always looked messy. That's why I want things behind doors this time.

We decided against opening shelving since we already have quite a bit of it in the kitchen/family room: a 24" wide section of shelves on the backside of the island and lots of shelves in the bookcases on either side of our fireplace. But I do like the idea of not having door stiles divide up the display area. But I also hate to dust and glass doors cut down on dusting chores.

I'm also trying to watch the visual clutter factor.

As I perused Houzz for charging station/hutch ideas, I see a lot of charging stations in drawers. That's another option since we have plenty of drawer space in the hutch. But I wonder: do the cords get tangled up and caught as the drawer is pulled out and pushed in? Is this a great idea in plan but not so great in execution?

Bills and such would get moved to the den. It will be a new habit since we're used to sorting mail in the kitchen. Hubby may vote against that.

The other idea that occurred to me would be to reduce the height of that bottom section to 5" interior height, run the charging station and cubbies the whole width of the hutch with flip up or flip down doors and go with 2 adjustable shelves above (11 1/4" height for each section). It would be sort of like this:

Communication Desk and Charging Station · More Info

and be sort of like this behind the doors

Curbly Kitchen Remodel, Brought to You By Aristokraft · More Info

I'm seriously driving myself crazy with this second guessing! I'd love to hear from those of you who have command centers. What works, what doesn't? Any advice for me?

I have a little bit of time to figure this out - the hutch top won't be delivered until after counters are installed 6/17 but I do need to get this figured out quickly, all the same.


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