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What kind of in-oven broiler is in the Wolf 48" Dual Fuel Range?

John Hawne
7 years ago

I’m remodeling my kitchen and will be putting in a 48” range. I like to make Neapolitan-style pizzas in the gas oven I currently have using a baking steel in combination with the infrared gas broiler it has. I crank up the bake temperature to 550°F so the baking steel gets as hot as possible and then combine that with the broiler to get the pizzas to cook usually in under three minutes.

One thing I can’t figure out is what kind of broiler does the dual fuel Wolf 48” range have. Is it a gas infrared broiler or is it an electric ribbon broiler? Do any of you have the dual fuel Wolf and can comment on it? If it’s the electric ribbon broiler, I think I’ll go with the all gas model just for that.

Wolf Dual Fuel 48” - DF484DG

Wolf Gas 48” - GR484DG

Thank you!

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