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I'm wanting to plant Barbera and Tempranillo grapes next year and only found three sources, one of which has a lot of bad reviews. The two good sources are Double A Vineyards and Grafted Grapevine Nursery. I'd like to have another source or two if available. Does anyone have a good source for small orders (< 50 vines)? Thanks.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance So CA Zone 9b(9b)

We have to destroy our vineyard because of leafroller disease, so I'm going to Double A, but we need about 40 vines. Going to replace all with Zinfandel mainly because it head trains well and we are on a slope. Tempranillo is a very aggressive vine. It will take over!

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Double A is located about 30 miles from me. We have sourced all of our wine grapes from them with excellent results. The blue ribbon Vidal in my profile pic are from a Double A vine.

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