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Transplanting Virginia Bluebells?

9 years ago

I was searched online, and everyone says they transplant easily, but it should be done in the fall, when they are dormant. The plants that I've dug up in the past don't seem to have a very substantial root structure, so I can't imagine trying to dig them up without anything above ground to guide me to the correct root.

So, I have a vigorous plant that has obviously dropped seeds, and there are a bunch of seedlings underneath. I carefully transplanted several of the seedlings to other spots around the yard that could use some spring color. What are the chances these will survive? The entire yard is mostly shade, with high sand content and pine needles mixed with oak leaves. There are Trillium seedlings growing, and Solomon's Seal volunteers everywhere. If I get a thumbs up from my friends here, I'll go out and transplant the rest of the seedlings into other spots. Thank you,


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