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Blank slate - need help with a color scheme.

9 years ago

Long post, sorry! Don't know where else to go...

My father just purchased a home within the past couple days, and he's left me with decorating duty. I'm having a difficult time. Backstory: we both live downtown in separate apartments. He works downtown and I attend college downtown. He had this crazy idea to buy a home in the burbs so he doesn't have to pay for and maintain two apartments. The problem is that we both have very bachelor styled apartments: leather sectionals, glass and stone tables, etc. My sofa is going in the loft space upstairs, and his in the basement. So I have to fill the entire first floor - except for the master suite.

I don't know what to do with colors at all. We both have a "transitional" taste, somewhere between traditional and contemporary, but also with a little twist of rustic. Simple, not too much clutter, and neutral colors. I like, and my father wouldn't mind, pops of bold colors. Accents, decor, etc. I can pick out nice furniture, but colors confuse me haha.

My father likes the white cabinetry and ceramic sink, but not so much the counter tops. He wants granite (Who doesn't?), but isn't sure what color. He wants black granite, but I think that might be too stark?

There's a formal dining room, but he's going to use that as his office - he works from home a lot. There's a comfortable space for a 60'/6 person dining set off of the kitchen (pictured above). I was thinking either a black or grey table, but I could be totally wrong. I went to a local furniture store, and a salesman helped me play around with customizing a Canadael dining set. I liked the Peppercorn Black and Weathered Gray the most, but I'm not sure how it would look with the wood floors and cabinets. I know that an area rug can offset the floors and table a bit. If I went with a black or grey table do I have to stick with those colors for other things like a sideboard? I can't imagine a black table with white cabinets and brown wood floors with a maple sideboard. Like I said, lost on colors...

This is the great room off of the kitchen area. My father kind of wants to shy away from leather (since we already have so much of it) maybe a chair. Once again, grey came to mind for fabric for the sofas. I found a sofa set that I liked. I looked through all the fabric samples. Grey just stands out to me the most, but... grey table set, grey sofa... white cabinets... I'd need a lot of colorful throw pillows. I was thinking that if I did grey seating, I could do a fun ottoman with a trey to offset neutral overload. I'm also completely lost on curtain colors. The fireplace will be updated at some point too.

The dining room is very 90s with the gold plated chandelier and brown wood trim. My father said that the first thing he is doing is yanking the lighting down, haha. He also wants to paint the trim throughout the house white. We're not sure if to leave the carpet, try to match the wood in the rest of the house, or do something totally different. At the furniture store I went to they had a nice display of custom shelving that would look nice along the back with a desk in the middle of the room.

Loft at the top off the foyer that overlooks the great room, basically a small living room. The brown trim has to go, and I was wanting to put laminate wood flooring down. One of my good friend's family owns a flooring company, so I can get it for extremely cheap. I have a white leather sectional in my apartment living room that I was going to put up there with some other random odds and ends.. I was thinking of a grey flooring (lol obviously) at the top of the landing.

I really need some ideas for paint, curtains, and furniture so that everything isn't grey. I could honestly get carried away and paint all the walls grey, put up grey curtains, buy all grey furniture, have grey flooring, grey linens, grey decor, grey everything. Haha.

Thanks! Any advice appreciated.

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