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Roses from Chamblees!

9 years ago
last modified: 9 years ago

I saw a few people asking about what they could expect from Chamblees roses over the winter, so I made a mental note to try and remember to take photos when my roses came.

They arrived this morning at 10:30 so I ran home at lunch to get them out of the box. Here is what they they looked like when I unpacked them.

They were packaged very well!

Several of them even came with gorgeous blooms. I about cried when I saw this bloom from Jude the Obscure. This is the rose I have been looking forward to most!

A gorgeous bloom from Carding Mill. There were blooms on Heritage as well but they arrived as petals in the bag. ;)

Photo of all 6 of my roses. No damage, very little discoloration of the leaves. Soil was still damp. They shipped out Monday of and arrived Wednesday at 10:30.

My little garden helpers/rose protectors.

And just in case any of you remember my whining post the other day about my alchymist that was breakfast fit for a rabbit, I did protect them until I can get them planted.

Hopefully that will keep them away today!

Anyways, thought this may give some of you that were curious about chamblees an idea of what to expect. If it's not obvious from all my photos, I am overjoyed with my experience! :o)

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