Ikea Kitchen Cabinet Ordering Tips

6 years ago

In case it helps anyone, I wanted to pass along some tips from our Ikea kitchen ordering experience.

- Get to Ikea when the Cafe opens (usually a half-hour before the store) and swing by the kitchen section. If there is staff there, they will put your name on a list so you will be first. If they aren't there yet, swing back at around 9:50, and you should be first. This goes without saying, but I would never try to order a kitchen on a Saturday/Sunday.

- We split our planning trip and buying trip into two separate trips. On the planning trip, we had a rough idea of what we wanted, and walked through the showroom to finalize cabinet placement, sizes, inserts, etc. By our "buying trip" we had already ironed out all the details.

- Become super familiar with the "Sektion Buying Guide" pdf/catalog. There are many more combinations available than are in the planner; we had an easier time just using graph paper and the buying guide. Plus the planner was super buggy on my mac.

- We used an online kitchen design company and I am very meh on this. On the one hand, it was only $200 and they gave us some good input and created a shopping list. On the other hand, it took forever to get needed revisions, they didn't have much design sense, and didn't make changes we specifically requested.

- Come prepared on buying day. Before buying day, we went through each cabinet and assigned it a number. We then created a spreadsheet with columns for cabinet number, ikea part number, description, and quantity. We printed out this spreadsheet, handed it to the Ikea sales person, and he had entered our entire order in 15 minutes. We had a few open questions, and I noted those on the spreadsheet, so we could address them while ordering.

- Inserts and accessories can be used to reach your $4500, so you want to be sure to include these on your list. Include things like high drawer sides, dividers, inserts, baskets, garbage bins, hardware, etc. in your buy list for each cabinet. By including the accessories on our buy list, all of them will be picked and delivered as well. Plus, if they are on your sheet, you will remember what is supposed to go in each cabinet.

- Consider delivery. For us, delivery of all 16 cabinets is only $59. They will carry everything into one room (for us up 30 steps!). This is absolutely worth it to us.

- Some items may be out of stock and Ikea doesn't do "backorder." This is really annoying, there is no way around it. We are going to have to check stock online and go back for the 4 items that are not currently in stock. I don't know anyway around this though.

- Our sales person told us you that there is a 30 day window for additional purchases if you want to be able to apply your discount. They seemed pretty firm on this (we saw someone getting denied for being over the window when we were there).

- The Ikea salespeople are a mixed bag. Some folks are incredibly helpful. Others don't know jack squat. One person told us the only configurations available are those explicitly listed in the buying guide. Uh, the buying guide says that it only lists a sample. If you're willing to spend the time to get to know sektion, there is a ton you can do outside of what the salespeople might be familiar with. For example, one salesperson wasn't even familiar with display kitchen.

- There is a secret 21" drawer (only medium high). There are no 21" drawer fronts, but since we're doing custom it doesn't matter for us.

- There are no pantry pull outs in Sektion, but I'm pretty sure you can do one using the pull out drawers and the special hardware to attach a drawer to a door. We didn't end up doing this for space reasons, but I was convinced it was possible and my KD was not.

- Plan on using your order spreadsheet as a cross-check for delivery. We plan to resort by part-number and group everything together to check quantities as they come in.

Anyone else have knowledge to share?

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