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Wildflower meadow OR buffet for deer?

9 years ago

I have about an acre of clear clay soil on a mountain ridge in West Virginia, originally bare and compacted from construction of my home. Over the last year I've amended and tilled it with mushroom compost, eliminated the weeds, and will soon be planting the wildflower seed. However, I can't seem to find any solid information about what I need to do (anything?) to prevent the new seedlings from being completely decimated by deer browsing.

Certainly many many folks who have tried to establish a wildflower garden have dealt with fauna wandering their gardens. I've found lots of info about how elimination if emerging weeds is the paramount concern, especially in year one of garden establishment -- but almost no mention of deer as an issue. Do deer generally have little interest in native wildflowers? Or can I assume that my planting will be so plentiful, thus odds are good that many/enough plants will survive even considering deer browsing?

Fencing the area is out of the question -- same for light/sound deterrents. Rigorous use of Liquid Fence is an option, but I don't yet live there full time, so I can only be so vigilant/regular about that. Am I setting myself up for a huge disappointment, because I am really not planting a wildflower garden, but instead just a food plot for the deer?

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