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Palm experts help a palm enthusiast with his majesty palm?

9 years ago

Hey there guys i went to my local lowes and purchased a majesty palm it was a 1.94 gallon almost 2 Gal anyhow I'm going to plant it outside in a container and bring it back in for the winter i have a 12 foot roof where i can place it where it will receive sunlight in the winter months i know majesty palms perform poorly indoors but i will care for it as much as i can my question is what pot size would i need so my majesty can grow similar to the picture i have uploaded below with that kind of size trunk and canopy. would i need a 7 Gal 10Gal 15Gal or 25Gal pot? i don't want to place it in a too big pot as well other wise it will outgrow my roof indoors lol my next question is what are the majesty palms watering needs? as well as what are its fertilizer needs?

Thanks Mile

(This is how i would like my Majesty Palm to look^^^)

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