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should this cabinet have 1 door or 2? an trouble choosing door style!

9 years ago

I'm ordering cabinet doors from (so far I think lowest price, but I may not have included everything in my quote). I have an upper cabinet that is about 24" wide. It currently has 2 10" doosr with a sort of attached stile on one door so that when they close it looks like part of the frame. You have to open the right door to be able to open the left door. The lower cabinet has one 23.5" door. I am used to the two skinny doors, so it's hard to imagine one bigger door.

I think I am leaning toward the Presidential, though I don't have a price yet for that one. I don't know how to choose! It is hard because they are shown in light wood with a glaze, and I want just plain white, no glaze.

These are the doors I am considering. For the Monarch I can't get the raised panel in the Louis xIII raise on my drawers, so I don't know what I'd do there, maybe just a non-raised panel. I really like the Louis XIII raise.


or (though I'm not sure about the "cushion" stiles)

The doors I am considering will be white, but the stiles (?) will be about 2.5 inches and my current doors have 1.75 stiles. With the raised panel I'm afraid the doors will look a little funny because the panel will be narrow in the center. My lazy susan doors are even narrower, but there is no option there, so a narrow panel will be what they get. They are diagonally across the room from this cabinet. I think one door might be cheaper than 2, but not enough to make a design decision on the price difference. Maybe at 42" a 23.5w inch door will be too heavy?

Pic of my skinny door cabinet

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