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For those who saw last night's show about the 2004 Thailand tsunami

7 years ago

I watched this show last night and found it interesting. Among the people who told their stories was a couple, honeymooners at time of the tsunami, represented by the husband. The wife, Amanda, was shown only in photographs, which often means the person didn't survive.

He told about how she was screaming in pain throughout much of their ordeal, and telling him she was "broken." At first I expected him to reveal that she'd died, but when it became clear she'd survived her injuries I thought he'd tell us what those injuries were. But while he described his own in detail, he didn't mention hers. At the end of the show, talking about the effect of the experience on him, he includes her name almost as an afterthought.

Did I miss something? It's possible I was out of the room at the wrong time. I'm thinking maybe they're divorced now, or perhaps she didn't want to appear on the show for some reason. But you'd think the Dateline people would have wrapped up that storyline a little better.

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