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Under Cabinet Lighting - can I/should I re-purpose, etc?

Carrie B
9 years ago

My generally high-end sister just redid her kitchen, and offered me her old UCL's. In my new kitchen, I'll have two 18", one 36" and one 39" uppers. My sister gave me two 29" and one 14" UCL. I'm already over-extended in terms of budget, and originally hadn't been planning on UCL at all - but you all are converting me.

Does it make sense to use what my sister gave me, and buy one more of these (can I basically match what I have? How would I do that?) for the extra 18" cabinet? Am I better off just buying new?

A local lighting store quoted me approx. $50/foot for LED UCLs - at that rate, I'd do without.

Here's what my sister gave me:

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