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Soapstone with runnels: How are they holding up?

9 years ago

If you have runnels in your soapstone, could you tell me how they are holding up? Any chipping? Any cracks in the stone?

I ask because a dealer in my area told me he would not carve runnels in any countertop material except Corian because he's had problems with carving runnels in granite and hard soapstone. He says carving runnels has to be done by hand, its too difficult to polish the runnels, it's too labor-intensive, and it weakens the stone. I'm thinking maybe he's ruined too many pieces of stone??

I really love the look and practicality of runnels in soapstone! If you have had runnels for a while, please tell me how you like/use them and if you are having any problems with them.

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