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extremely annoying squeal on 1992 c1500!

8 years ago

My 1992 c1500 recently developed a squeal which over a few days has gotten worse. I replaced the tensioner to no avail. I think it could be a bearing in one of the pulleys but not sure how to diagnose. The truck doesnt have a/c but the belt still runs around that pulley. The belt is in good condition and is only about 6 months old. Please help

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  • jemdandy
    8 years ago

    You might have better luck posting on the "CAR" forum. This one is "Motorcycles and Scooters). We'll need more information about the squeal. Is it continuous or does it happen when you suddenly raise engine speed. If it squeals when going quickly from idle to, say, 1500 rpm, its probably a belt.

  • countryshane
    Original Author
    8 years ago

    Thank you jemdandy for responding. I tried to post it in cars but was having trouble doing so. You were right about it being the belt. I had a Dayco belt on the truck. That explains it; my first job ever was working for Dayco for 5 years and they had CONSTANT quality issues. Some of the product i witnessed them pushing out the door should have just been thrown away! After doing a little research I went with a suggested gates belt and problem fixed. Moral of the story: DAYCO PRODUCTS ARE GARBAGE!!

  • ssewalk1
    4 years ago

    Leave Dayco belts for the Snowmobilers !

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