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7 year old step son troubles please help

9 years ago

Hello everyone, I need some advise please. I have been taken care of my boyfriends son for 4years. I think of him as my own. No I don't want him calling me "mom" because im not his mother. In the past few years its nothing but arguments, disrespectfulness, rude comments and more. He is 7 years old and his real mother only sees him on the weekends "sometimes" if she feels like taking him. Dad works for hard to support our family as im a stay at home mom. We have a 2 year old little girl together. She knows her manners but now is going thorough terrible 2's. I have 2 older daughters that im trying to get custody back. Im going thorough counseling for my health issues. I have been put on medication to help me, but everyday with my stepson I feel as I need something stronger to keep me calm.

whenever I take him somewhere and im having an adult conversation he butts in. or says in front of a cashier person I don't buy him anything and im mean to him. Yesterday we all had to go to the doctors ( yes including my stepson) and I was talking to the nurse trying to tell her what medications im on, he turns around and repeats them and the nurse is like what's that. I had asked him to stop. when it was my turn to see the doctor. The doctor had asked how much do I smoke, i said a half pack, my step son says You smoke a full pack or 2. i never smoked 2 packs. i was like excuse me he was talking to me. Now i feel like that bad person because he starts and argument. My mother in law told him knock and start minding. He turn to her and what am i doing? instead of listening. if i tell him to do something he doesn't listen i tried talking his tv, tablet and toys that he really likes and he just don't care. i made him a promise that if he would start listening to me i would take him to "SKYLAND" but yet he still don't care... some please give me some advise because i honesty don't know what to do. i feel as im failing as a parent and im losing my mind....

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