The food Villains! -- please join in


I'm not exactly sure when it all started, but it seems over the last 30+ years we've made some foods into Villains! And, I'm working on a list.

Since first being thrown into the underworld, some of the foods listed below have risen back to non-villain status and some have even become angelic.

Please Note: This is not meant to be a discussion about "why" these foods are evil (or not), nor whether they were unfairly branded, but rather just a simple list.

Please add to the list --

1) all "fats"
2) saturated fat
3) cholesterol
4) margarine
5) butter
6) lard
7) vegetable oil
8) msg
9) eggs

  1. egg yolks
  2. peanut butter
  3. fruit
  4. potatoes
  5. white flour
  6. corn
  7. all "carbohydrates"
  8. dairy
  9. fish
  10. "canned" foods
  11. "packaged" foods
  12. sugar
  13. artificial sweeteners
  14. beer
  15. wine
  16. any alcohol
  17. sugar alcohol
  18. raisins
  19. "dark" meat (chicken and turkey legs and thighs)
  20. anything from McDonald's
  21. red meat
  22. rare meat
  23. tuna
  24. cream-based soups
  25. pasta
  26. white rice
  27. gluten
  28. pizza
  29. bread
  30. cheese
  31. salt
  32. cereal
  33. mayo
  34. fermented foods
  35. cookies
  36. trans fat
  37. high fructose corn syrup
  38. ketchup
  39. potato chips
  40. anything fried
  41. cured and processed meats
  42. ice creams
  43. pork products
  44. salad dressing
  45. bagels
  46. doughnuts
  47. coffee
  48. fruit juice
  49. soy products
  50. french fries
  51. shellfish
  52. tree nuts
  53. candy
  54. ground meats
  55. farmed salmon
  56. any farmed fish
  57. Atlantic salmon
  58. GMO foods
  59. milkshakes
  60. cool whip
  61. whipped cream
  62. Maraschino cherries
  63. red M&M's
  64. anything with red food coloring
  65. "diet" foods
  66. carrots
  67. granola
  68. microwave popcorn
  69. watermelon
  70. grapes
  71. Kool Aid
  72. junk food
  73. Twinkies
  74. Snickers
  75. Crisco
  76. seeds
  77. legumes
  78. grains
  79. preservatives (not really a "food" though)
  80. artificial anything
  81. any starchy vegetable (sweet potato, tapioca, etc)
  82. honey
  83. syrups
  84. hydrogenated oils
  85. fast food

There is a bit of overlap--some foods seem to enjoy the pleasure of very specific notoriety, so I listed them separately even though their category is listed as well: i.e. "Snickers" and "Candy".

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How true. How about grilled foods?, microwaved broccoli, hot dogs of any kind, dairy products.on a serious note, I stilll won't give my family anything raised,grown, processed or packaged in China or anywhere except usa and Canada

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Talking about China, I heard that the pork they buy from the U.S. has to be ractopamine free but it's ok for us! This bad drug is banned in 160 countries including Europe and China.

For the bad food list, I read anything from the ocean without fins or scales.

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