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Final floorplan! Feedback would be appreciated!

8 years ago

After working with our builder and architect, here is our final floorplan. Any feedback, good or bad, would be greatly appreciated! Our footers are already done, so we cannot change exterior walls, but the interior can still be shifted here and there. Is there anything really obvious that is just not working or could work better? Also, I had to change a few minor things in power point, so you can see that a few walls and appliances have shifted.

A few notes:
In the kitchen, between the wall and fridge will be an 18" full depth/height pantry. I am thinking about making this at least 24" and shifting everything down (and therefore adding a bit of cabinet to the end of the row of cabinets). I also plan on putting a built in microwave in the upper cabinets to the left of the fridge.

The little space off of the dining room will be a butlers pantry. For now it will just house our china cabinet, but we will add build ins in a few years.

A man door will be added to the garage.

Thank you so much!

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