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Jane Austen Book Discussion: Pride & Prejudice

I am starting the discussion with Austen's most famous work. I thought I would maybe post another Austen book discussion about every week. Is that ok with you guys?

I read this book quite a few years ago and have read it again several times since then. It is simply a masterpiece from a genius of a writer.

After reading all of Jane Austen's books I wrote a critique of them (for my own personal benifit) and somehow it turned into a seven-thousand word report on it. I had great fun in doing it. One thing I pondered in the report was 'true love'. I analized the marriages in the book to determine if they were made 1) for love, 2) for wealth, 3) for position or title, 4) to fulfil the expectations of others. I thought I may throw in a 'true love' question.

I thought up some discussion questions last night and am really looking forward to hearing your opinions. I will likely answer a couple questions also, if thats ok.

1. How would you rate Pride & Prejudice (according to your own prefrence)? Is it your favorite Austen? Why or why not?

2. Do you think Jane Austen is a Realist? Several great authors denounce Austen's work as being unrealistic. Charlotte Bronte compared Austen's work to a highly cultivated and fenced in garden. Ralph Waldo Emmerson said that her reality was pinched and narrow. Mark Twain even went so far as to say that any library that does not contain a piece by Miss Austen was a good one. What do you think?

3. Why are Austen's novels still so widely read and appreciated today?

4. What is it that makes Pride & Prejudice the favorite of all of Austen's novels?

5. Many of you know that Pride & Prejudice was first titled 'First Impressions'. Which do you think is better fitting to the story? Why?

6. In the book, both Mr. Bennet and Mr. Darcy comment that Jane and Elizabeth are the only two sensible ones of the Bennet daughters. What is it that makes Jane and Elizabeth superiour to thier sisters? What made the other three Bennet girls inferior to them?

7. Why did Lydia run away with Mr. Wickham? Was she a sexual being and, like him, driven by lust? Or did she expect marriage from him all along?

8. The 'True Love' Question.

Do you think Darcy really loved Elizabeth? Do you think Lizzy truly loved Darcy?

9. This is a question for the guy's of RP. It seems most every female reader wants to be Lizzy, and is in love with Mr. Darcy. I am curious to know if it is the same for guys. Are you charmed by Elizabeth? Do you wish you were more Darcy-like?

  1. Is there anything we can take away from this book, or is it simply a good story?


My answers:

For #1: Pride & Prejudie is my favorite Austen. It is closely followed by Mansfield Park on my list though. I liked P&P the best though because I thought it to be perfect in all the 'elements' of writing.

For #2: First of all I think a books reality depends upon the perception of reality by its author. I think...

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