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The Tropics in the Sub-Arctic.....

18 years ago

Hi all from sunny Australia.

I am just wondering if people would mind posting their experiences or possibly photographs of trying to grow a bit of the tropics in the UK, things such as palms, bananas, tree ferns etc. I have always lived in the Australian tropics (Darwin and Townsville) and took these things for granted, but last year I spent 6 cold months in Hobart in Tasmania, and was amazed to see certain palms and tropicals growing down there. I have looked on the net and seen a few sites dedicated to this, but for curiousities sake I would like to hear gardeners personal experiences. Has anyone ever been able to grow hibiscus or frangipani in the UK? What palm trees will grow there? Any types of gingers can survive in the chill? I read one site where a fellow grew a pineapple from a top and after 3 years it fruited!

Please indulge with your experiences my friends!

Happy gardening...

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