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ponds and sunlight

17 years ago

hi i'd like to put a very small pond appx 1x2m in my garden. the garden is north facing but half of it gets sun for a little more than half the year. I don't want to put fish in it, it's more to encourage frogs and attract the eye.

with regards to position, does a pond need direct sunlight throughout the year?

i'm concerned that the position i wanted to put it in, will be fine for summer sun and plant growth. However with the sun dropping down for the colder months, i don't know how much direct sun, if any it will get. would this make it a bad position for a pond, or would the plants struggle for not having direct winter sun? I don't want to heavily plant it or make it look like a water garden, just pretty, healthy and natural. I could put it in an open area so there's plenty of light if that makes any difference.


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