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do dominant hens crow?

18 years ago

Our chicks have hit the 2 month mark. My knowledge of domestic poultry, let alone avians in general, is that yes, these are definitely chickens (not ducks, not geese, definitely not emus LOL!). To my uneducated eye, all 4 birds look the same wrt body shape, tail shape, comb, wattles etc. I was observant enough to notice that 2 were yellow, and 2 were black.... and I even can tell the difference between the two yellow ones!!

This morning I was woken up at 4.36am by a croaky, rusty, "cwaaaka-cwaka-waa" (as opposed to your textbook "cock-a-doodle-do"). My 70 year old aunt - born and raised in the country (though a city girl for the last 50 years) was here last weekend, when one of the black birds made a similar noise mid-afternoon. She said that a dominant chicken would make a noise like that - and she was very definite that all our birds are girls (she gave their wings their first haircut to stop them flying away, and generally spent a lot of time with them). Now, I have no reason to think my aunt is loosing her marbles (yet....*waves to Aunty Sylvia*...*big grin*....) but it has been half a century since Aunty Syl actually had a lot of hands on, and maybe she's gotten rusty? (hehehe - and I'm her favourite niece!!)

So, at 2 months of age, would a wannabe-bossy-old-biddy-in-the-making be practising her dominant hen morning call, or is this definitely a young rooster?

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