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HAVE: Spring 2005 Big International Seed Swap

17 years ago

Despite having pots of plants and seedlings all over the garden, and boxes of seeds filling the fridge, I'm pining for more new seeds, so I'm ready for another big swap.

Everyone's welcome to join in again - just send your unwanted seeds and I'll share them out between all the participants. There are already some interesting seeds in the kitty (e.g. Alisma plantago, Pelargonium alchemillioides, Pelargonium quinquelobatum, Sinningia leucotricha), as a couple of envelopes full of goodies arrived too late to be included in the last swap.

Thank you to everyone who's joined in these big swaps in the past - I've got some of my 'Most Wanted' seeds this way.

Click on the link for more details.


Here is a link that might be useful: International Seed Swap