Help! Dying ground cover Corsican mint

8 years ago

Is anyone able to shed come light? I recently planted quite a number of Corsican mint (mentha requienii i think) marketed under then "stepables" brand. They are marketed as shade loving and i have them in farily heavy shade (under a big Angels trumpet and a hibiscus) , nice loamy fertile soil, moist but well draining. the aim was to fillin fairly large gaps between a couple of pavers between a new deck and a garden bed. 70% have died within 3 weeks, first the root ball shrinking to around 2cm (from around 10cm) then the plant going brown and finally dying off. The most notable thing is the sudden loss of the root ball in every one of them. No snails/slugs or other parasites i can see. nothing closeby is being munched. Is it possibly too shady an area? Any better suggestions for a shady area low/no foot traffic but between stepping stones?? many thanks!

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