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New gardener needing help with bird of paradise!!

9 years ago

Hi there! I am new to this and I am also very new to gardening, never been into it but now I am hooked and spend most of my time out amongst my plants.
I live in ballarat and it gets quite cold here in winter, (actually snowed here a few weeks back) and I have a white bird of paradise plant that is not looking too good after some very cold weather.

I planted it over a year ago, was going really well and then I noticed it becoming brown and sad looking!! I love this plant and it actually cost quite a bit and I'm hoping someone can help me out to determine if it is a goner or if I need to just cut the bad looking bits off?? The base of the plant is still nice and green and there aren't any weird smells or parts breaking off below the big leaves so hopefully I can save it. Thanks!!

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