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Advice wanted please

8 years ago

HI Everyone,

I am new to the forum and desperately need some help. Jan 2013 I begun building a "Summer House" as the old timers call it, and how I will refer to it, in modern language, it is a pergola.

I originally built it to grow wisteria over the top due to it's old world charm and purposely used the 125mm Cypress on the corners to withstand it's vigour longer than a treated pine would. We are sloped so the bottom side is 3.5m ground to top, the high side is 2.5 from memory.

The span is 30msq (6mx5m) If I can work out how to attach an image I will.

After much research I am considering a change in plan, partially due to the toxicity of Wisteria and my blue heeler pup who eats anything and everything.

Now, this part of the garden is quite old, at least 50-80 years, the house was built in 1898 and is Heritage Listed and we are in the slow, painstaking, restoration phase and the original gardens by 2nd Gen HAD a Wisteria covered Summer house, so I am trying to re-create the once grand gardens but on a smaller scale, with sympathetic plants.

The colours in this area are heavy on pale pinks and whites. I have chosen a Bitter Chocolate stain on the timber so it will sort of disappear amongst the timber colours etc Pardon my unfinished corner brackets :D

Sorry it seems irrelevant that I tell you this but it is important to plant choice :D

There is a small entrance lip as well.

What I am hoping for and have my fingers, eyes, arms and legs crossed for, is a couple of different rose ramblers/climbers to plant (see span in above info) I am hoping for fragrance, with a strong preference for thorn free OR nearly thorn free.

I am wanting 4 good vigorous climbers to eventually cover the span and builders mesh on the top to create a nice canopy. White or Light Pink

I then want a nice stronger pink to go around the outer lower edge, again fragrance and thornless if possible.

I am considering a 3rd to have over the entrance ... still not sure about this idea though.

I really LOVE the flower look of Cinderella, Pierre de Ronsard to go around the lower edge to give you an idea but thorns eeeeeeeek

Can I please ask for recommendations?? I also have young children who run round like mad to minimal thorns and I don't want to be spraying :D

Thanks heaps in advance, I look forward to reading your responses x x x

Nae x x

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