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was that summer?!

12 years ago

According to WeatherWatch there's a southerly coming up and a high coming down and there'll be thunder and cold and rain in the middle. What's new??!!

The tomatoes are sulking. Plenty of fruit and not much red to be seen at all.

The polyanthuses think it's spring. So does Clematis montana, flowering along the top of the fence. And the leaves are starting to colour up for autumn.

Had a brilliant crop of european plums this year - Angelina Burdett and Greengage. Must have been the snow! And the japanese plums tasted fine this year: no freaky heatwaves in November which left them plump, juicy, and with a weird grainy texture.

Next best thing? Elderberries and windfall apples. Magnificent jam! (Haven't been blackberrying yet but it might be ok, though we're short of warmth for bringing out the sugars. Luxury...)

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