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My favorite place...Glacier National Park

14 years ago

I have been to many different places in this world...I have backpacked Europe (several countries), been to Honduras, Israel, the Dominican Republic, and been to many different places in the US (not enough yet!)...and there is such unique beauty in each and every place...but my favorite place where I have hiked and taken pictures is Glacier National Park. It is absolutely incredible. The trees, the lakes, the glaciers, wildlife, wildflowers....even old mines, cozy cafes and lodges, and nearby small towns....provided an endless supply of landscape, abstract, and all kinds of photography. Loved it! I love to travel and see new places with eyes and through the lens of my camera.

I would like to upload some of my Glacier pics sometime, but my image files are too big. Anyone know how to get them to upload or reduce the size?

Here is a link that might be useful: Want to work from anywhere?

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