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Viewfinder complaint - any suggestions?

14 years ago

I need to buy a new camera; my Konica Minolta Dimage A2 has bitten the dust and since the company is no longer in business, the repair place can't get the parts to repair it. Mostly I take pictures of plants - and I use the macro a lot. One feature of the Diamge A2 that I used all the time was the adjustable Electronic Viewfinder - I don't mean the diopter adjustment, you could actually move the veiwfinder up and down. So if you were taking a picture near the ground you could just swing the viewfinder up and not have to lay on the ground to see what you were doing. The camera store guy tells me I would have to buy a DSLR to get this feature, and even most of them don't have it.

I suppose the equivalent is the swiveling LCD screen, but I HATE using the LCD screen - you can't see it at all in bright light, and I just can't see enough detail in it to make it useful for the kind of pictures I take. Older eyes and graduated lens glasses don't help. And I take a lot of pictures near the ground, or at funny angles where having to get your eye up to the EFV isn't easy.

Doesn't anybody else have this problem? That moveable eyepiece was one of the best things about the Dimage - anybody know of a similar camera (ie, non-SLR prosumer) that has it? Or how do you deal with it?


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